Voice of Reform Africa is a black movement pose to facilitate the needed economic and political reforms in Africa. This is not a political movement but rather a movement born out of desire to alleviate the suffering of blacks all over the globe especially in African continent.
The continent has come of age. It is no longer excusable to explain away the backwardness of the continent as due to Western exploitation and colonization rather than on incompetent and corruptive leaderships in the Continent. Every nation on earth has faced one adversity or the other but took it upon them to develop their society. Hence the burden to rebuild and rebrand Africa lies squarely on Africans. It is in the realization of this reality that this formidable organisation has been formed to facilitate needed reforms.
Centuries ago our Pan-African fathers struggled and secured political freedom for us but it appears the struggle is not yet over as African countries remain mendicants in the comity of Nations, as our brothers and sisters in the Western countries are crying to be treated fairly like others and our brothers and sisters in African dying of hunger and dehumanization. We must not give up the struggle in resorting the pride and dignity of black race especially now the zeal among us is overwhelming. God has given to us all we need to shape our life the way we desire. This is time to make a change and liberate Africa from economic enslavement, be part of this crusade and make an input. A single spark can light a prairie fire.

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