Over the centuries, black race has been bedeviled with a great deal of excruciating draw-backs; The dehumanizing four hundred-year slavery, restructuring of Africa, and colonization with their accompanying cataclysmic consequences in the form of cultural distortion and identity crisis remain like an albatross in the collective psyche of the resident Africans and those in Diaspora.
It is further disheartening to note that thereafter, the leadership of African nations have not done much in an attempt at making the continent a better place to live in. While other continents are making steady progress economically, technologically and socially, the post-independent Africa countries remain the “crawling babies” in the comity of nations. The dilapidated state of affairs in Africa has become an increasing concern among African youths, African Statesmen, Philanthropists and Africans in Diaspora. The suffering of the masses in Africa and racial discrimination on black people all over the globe is as worrying as the causes that bring about them.
While every nation looks upon their leaders to provide employments, security, modern and quality educational facilities, health services for all, good roads, Stable electricity, clean water and other social amenities, as these are in-road for economic and social developments, African people look on their leaders with despair as they have little or nothing to offer. For decades, majority of African people have been living in penury beyond human imagination, while their wealth is being prodigally plundered by those in authority. It is mind bleeding that most African politicians have become the greatest enemy of Africa and black race in general. Greed and selfishness which gave room to unpatriotic attitude among these African leaders has been the major obstacle to economic and social growth in Africa.
The degree of corruption in Africa has gone beyond description and has become a conventional way of life in the continent. Merit at work-places has been traded for nepotism, tribalism etc while defalcation triumph over transparency and accountability in public offices. All these cripples the hands of corrupt governments who lack the moral rectitude to indict their subordinates; as such corruption is spread across all strata of the society. When a Nation finds itself in such aberration it is undoubtedly exposed to economic degradations, rebellions among disgruntled groups, high level of crime and other anti-social vices that are antithetic to peace and economic development.

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