There has been continuous widespread agitation across Africa and beyond clamouring for good governance in Africa. Unfortunately political parties all over Africa are controlled by corrupt cabals and plutocrats who run their nation’s political parties and government for their own self-aggrandizements. For decades, every attempt by their citizens to remove them from power has proved abortive. It has become obvious this can hardly be achieved without the support of Africans in Diaspora, hence this organisation.
This movement will facilitate and encourage patriotic Africans especially political activists cut across ethnic lines to form a political party. The party will be a platform to provide political opportunities for highly qualified, capable and patriotic citizens who would ordinarily be denied such opportunity within the current political dispensations in African countries.
This movement will continue to provide assistance to these parties where necessary to facilitate the enthronement of good leaderships in all African countries via their country's representatives in the movement. The movement will play part if requested in designing the stringent and transparent process of selecting competent political party leaders.
This movement will also use any means within its disposal to raise funding, publicize and promote the objectives of these parties.

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